Naruto 604 Chapter – Naruto 604 Release Date

i like brother

Naruto 664 Manga - Madara's Chain of Shadow

I wonder whether that Tobi mask android is gonna control Obito for some time … Naruto manga 604  like not letting him out and such – it would explain the heigh difference with minato – but not skill level … anyway this is the time he awakens his MS for sure … and then all mighty hashirama’s cell will make it permanent without him loosing the eyesight

naruto 604 raw

No need to be sarcastic. It is indeed epic, and justifies obito standing right beside madara as the ultimate evil. just being able to compete with minato ensures someone a place beside madara as fv, speaks highly about minato himself. I don’t understand how its a troll…its a beautiful twist using everything that we already know of, but using them in a way which no one in this huge huge naruto-fandom could guess in details.

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