Naruto 664 Manga - Madara's Chain of Shadow

Naruto 625 raw spoilers and Naruto 625 manga chapter will be out soon.
We will get Naruto chapter 625 the moment it will be release, so be sure to check this page regularly for the update.

Why and how would he. He already given us Minato, Itacvhi, and Obito’s POV. There isn’t anyone else to give a flashback. And given that the only visible difference is the Sharingan, at most the only ones one cam claim were missing would have been the Sharingan users. Obito clearly showed he was alone, and being on a mission is reasonable. Gai and his team were on a mission during Pain’s Invasion.

But that is where Hashirama’s wife comes in. Like Kushina, she has the special ability to silence a mighty force such a buuji from causing destruction. After what Hashirama said about stopping the nine tails from roaming free, I think Hashirama’s wife…

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